Talking home & food with Swayampurna, founder at Lapetitchef

1. Which style do you most relate to ?

A) Warm & Cozy
B) Urban Jungle/ Boho Chic
C) Chic & Stylish
D) Minimalism

It’s a mix of chic and stylish + urban jungle. I have plants everywhere in my home apart from a really pretty garden with over 150 pots!!

2. Tell us something about your inspiration process ? Did you pinterest a lot or follow some awesome instagram profiles which helped you finalise your theme ?

I love using Pinterest for my decor inspiration. I find the homes on Instagram are all too similar – even similar decor pieces and light fixtures! Pinterest on the other hand has a wide mix of styles with actual tips and links. I am addicted to Pinterest!

3. Which space in your home excited you the most when you got down to re decorating ?

Hands down my daughter’s room had me the most excited. Not coz it was something I wanted but more coz it’s a space designed by me and my 7 year old. We picked out every single thing together- starting from her gorgeous starry night wall paper imported from London or the confetti one imported from Switzerland to the custom made art prints, the beautiful Frida hand embroidered cushion, her collection of books, the instamax she’s addicted to – everything was chosen together and included in the room coz of what it means to her. Including the gorgeous gold wall mirror from Topp Brass that overlooks her study and her favourite telescope. It’s a space designed without any typical girly frills or an overdose of pink and purple – a thing both of us abhor. We stuck to grey and the most beautiful blue for a piece de resistance wall. It’s a mature room befitting my independent little darling, who’s a thinker and this space makes her and her friends feel happy. I consider that a job well done!

Bedroom Decor India
4. Your most treasured decor piece ?

I honestly don’t value any material things. Every piece in my home is close to me. I don’t usually pick up bric a brac – but when I do, it’s special. I guess if I had to choose I would say the custommade prints above our master bed is one of my favourites. Simply coz my husband actually wrote those lines for me on a card back when we were dating… and since he’s a really non romantic guy, I treasure it all the more.

5. Some must have Indian herbs/plants to keep in the kitchen ?

Kitchen gardens are wonderful!! If you have even a modicum of green fingers, I urge you start your own little herb garden or veggie patch! It’s so fulfilling and rewarding. Easiest to grow are certainly basil, coriander, mint, tomatoes, parsley. You can try growing oregano and rosemary or even lavender. Similarly lemon tree is a must!! And holy basil. These are herbs you need all the time and well there’s nothing like the fragrance of fresh lemon from your own garden!

Girls room decor
Kids room decor ideas
6. An impromptu get together with friends at home would include tossing up which meal ? 

An impromptu get together at home would ideally include me tossing up a completely non fussy meal of whatever is on hand. I am of the firm belief that friends don’t care what you are serving them as long as you do it happily!! I typically start with a plate of hummus, fry up some falafels (I almost always have some mix frozen) served with a quick tahina cream. Bruschetta with ripe tomatoes, coloured bell Peppers and fresh mozzarella  brushed with some basil pesto is another great snack you will find me serving often.

July 25, 2019

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