About Us

  • At Topp Brass, we imagine and we create

    Bored with traditional home decorations available in India, we launched our brand to offer fresh and exciting Home décor products for young Indian homes.

Handcrafted in India

India is full of tradition crafts. We use these age old techniques to create something new. Something you will love and adore. Something which will look absolutely stunning in your space. We imagine each design to be a statement piece for your homes.

Carefully crafted by hand, our products are all made in India. Each of our pieces is meticulously crafted by hand. Starting from creating moulds to the end packaging, our artisans use time-honoured artisanal skills every step of the way.

Let’s make homes stylish

Taking a more contemporary approach to design, we envision to glam up your home one product at a time. With our range of quirky and stylish home décor pieces we intend to offer a unique mix of urban designs for modern Indian homes.

Meet the Founder

Manvi Jain is the founder at Topp Brass

She started the company to take a fresh and experimental approach towards design. Play is at the root of her design philosophy, playing with different textures and characteristics while at the same time shaping contemporary objects using traditional crafts.

What started as a 2 years work experience role before enrolling for a masters degree, turned into a hugely humbling experience while she worked in her family’s export company. To see the vast range of crafts in our country and how trade touches the lives of so many artisans propelled her into this journey.

She loves all things simple, fun and gold.

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