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We, at Topp Brass, are fascinated with mirrors and with good reason. Mirrors for wall are a great way to start decorating your home. A great mirror design not only ends up making your room look bigger and roomier, it can also add that extra sparkle which sets your home apart.

With so many wall mirrors options available online to buy , including decorative mirrors for wall, dressing table mirrors , bathroom mirrors, living room mirrors , and so many fancy designer round mirrors , its fun to choose and do up your décor with mirrors.

If you ask us, our favourite mirror design would be a round mirrors. Round mirrors on wall are so trendy and decorating with round mirrors is super easy too. Sometimes all a blank wall needs is a round gold brass mirror hanging on an empty blank wall. If you are looking to transform your home with less products, we would strongly suggest to buy a round gold metal mirror.

We’ve got a list of cool ways you can use mirrors on wall to completely change the look of your room and get started to decorate with mirrors

Mirrors in bathroom

mirrors for bathrooms

Bathroom mirrors is a good way to start using decorative mirrors as mirrors are a must in a washroom.

While choosing the mirrors for bathrooms, keep in mind the space available. Measure the wall space on which you will be hanging the bathroom mirror. Make sure you account for the wall light, sink and tap height, while measuring the right size.

Depending on the area you have, you can start selecting the right designed mirror for your space. Mirrors in bathrooms can be anything from rectangular bathroom mirrors, oval mirrors, round mirrors, round mirrors with leather or rope etc.

You can head to pinterest and browse through hundreds of images showcasing mirrors in bathroom, and shortlist your favourites. You will see bathrooms with round mirrors are a hot favourite amongst many interior designers, especially round gold mirrors.

Here are a few mirror images of mirrors for bathrooms which we love on pinterest.

round gold mirror bathroom
mirrors bathroom
round mirrors for bathroom

Mirrors in living room

Mirrors are a great way to decorate your Living room.

You can either choose a large round mirror or decorate with 3 mirrors of different sizes. You could also create a mirrors wall by filling one entire section with different decorative designer mirrors and déco mirrors.

Topp Brass tip : Get inspired by the gorgeous thikri mirror work originating from Udaipur, India to do up a wall full of mirrors.

If you are looking for a more eclectic and quirky feel for your living room, you could also go for a round mirrors with rope.

Browse through our favourite pinterest images which include round mirrors in living room, a gallery wall of mirrors, decorating with a set of 3 round mirrors and more

round mirrors for living room
mirrors wall decor
mirrors on the wall
round mirrors on rope
mirrors home decor india

Mirrors for dressing table

You can really turn your vanity around with the right mirror design.

Mirrors can be placed on your dressing table or can be hung on the wall above your vanity. You can also opt for mirrors with shelf to store your makeup.

If you have a large enough wall, nothing like an oversized round gold mirror to get ready in front of. If short on space, a full length long mirror works well too.

Oval mirrors work great if you have small wall for your vanity area or you could also opt for a round gold vanity mirror. A rose gold or gold round wall mirror décor will make your dresser look straight of pinterest.

You can choose from so many options of wall mirrors available online to buy to decorate your vanity.

mirrors dressing table
oval mirror for wall
full length long mirror

Mirrors in bedroom

You can use decorative mirrors for walls in the bedroom. A set of small round gold mirrors can be used or a cluster of asymmetric shaped mirrors. If your bedroom is small, mirrors will help make it look a lot more bigger.

Browse through our favourite round mirrors for bedrooms.

round mirrors for bedroom
mirrors for bathroom
round gold mirror set

Mirrors in entryway

A mirror near front door really works for apartment entrances. You can add a console table under the mirror or a bench. Another great way to decorate mirrors neat the entrance door is by covering an entire wall with mirrors.

mirror near front door
mirror near front door

So there you go, choose from all available options of mirrors online or pick one of our Topp Brass designed mirrors, designer mirrors

round mirror living room
round gold brass mirror
rectangular gold mirror-Toppbrass
round gold mirror bathroom

May 7, 2020

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