Christmas & Modern home styling tips by Nain, bangalore

We got talking with the supremely talented Nain, founder and interior designer at house9design from bangalore.


1. Which is your absolute favourite space in your home ?

My favourite corner of my home is the living area. We tend to spend most of our time here! My husband and I love watching movies, a cozy couch 🛋 makes for the perfect spot to do so. Most Sunday nights at home is movie night with a warm drink in hand, a throw for how chilly Bangalore is right now & Summer 🐶 on the couch with us with Netflix on! 


2. One decor accessory which quickly changes the look of a room

I would say statement/layered lighting. Other than your recessed ceiling lights, a home feels so cozy when you have warm lights emitting from wall scones, chandeliers, floor and table lamps. 


3. A tip you’d like to give to people to help them get started with styling their space. Like something which will make it easy to get started, especially when someone has lots of ideas but doesn’t know how to execute them.

Avoid too much clutter when styling your space! Think about your home as a whole when you start designing, don’t break up rooms. Every space in your house should sing together. If your unsure of color stick to white or neutral walls eg: grey, and add color through textures. Lastly, think of every corner as a little vignette and style accordingly- layer, play with height, don’t forget to place horizontal elements as vertical pieces!

Dining Table setup Bangalore
Brass Candle stand set on dining table
4. If someone has to start with keeping plants indoors, which plant will you suggest ?

Snake plant/Sansevieria/mother-in-law’s tongue, needs less sunlight and is such a durable indoor plant. Go get yourself one if your a plant newbie! 

Dining Table styling bengaluru
5. Instagram or Pinterest ? Your pick to get some amazing inspiration from ?

Can I say both? Pinterest to find quick & easy ideas, instagram for amazing home decor inspiration.

Christmas decor tips bangalore
6. Your must visit decor shops in Bangalore ?

Ooh, Purple Turtle- Chairs & Company- Purple Pony- Sunshine Boulevard- Nicobar- FabIndia- Freedom Tree- Ellementery 

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December 11, 2019

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